Transportation and Logistics

Celtic Freight Ltd.: Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation industry, logistics refers to the management of the flow of goods, information, and personnel that are necessary for successful and timely delivery. Depending on the nature of the shipment, transportation logistics require experienced staff accustomed to handling a range of freight variables. Celtic Freight Ltd. is committed to excellence in offering comprehensive and qualified logistics management.

The Importance of Logistics

Modern transportation and logistics control form the backbone of supply chains all over the world. Logistics management is the process by which companies like Celtic Freight Ltd. manage all aspects of getting inventory from one place to another. Yet, transportation is not as simple as packing up your goods, loading them onto a truck and transporting them. There are hundreds of details that must be considered with the goal of getting things where they need to be as efficiently as possible. From loading and distribution; to documentation and insurance, Celtic Freight Ltd. handles every aspect, including strict adherence to the regulations governing importing and exporting goods.

We’ve Got You Covered

We offer a range of resources and services adapted to your budget and specific requirements.

Celtic Freight Ltd. Logistics Services:

Supply Chain Management
Expert consulting and Customer Service
Freight Audit
Consolidation and Deconsolidation
Specialty Services: Expedite

With access to real-time data and modern communication technology, Celtic Freight Ltd. has the tools and the talent to enhance all aspects of your product and service deliveries to your customers. Here at Celtic Freight Ltd., we provide our customers with the following advantages:
Improved efficiency: We reduce idling and wait times, optimize routes and delivery methods, and improve turnaround times. Improved communication:
We offer moment-by-moment tracking, monitor vehicle performance, and direct drivers to the “next best” route or dock in case of an unforeseen delay.
Improved safety:
With better access to drivers, road conditions, and other variables, we can anticipate problems before they occur and help to improve safety.

Customized Logistics Solutions for a Range Of Transport Requirements

Whether you require freight transportation or distribution; our professional team of experts offers secure and reliable transport logistics that allow you the freedom to concentrate on your other business priorities. For friendly and knowledgeable customer support, and to learn more about the range of cost effective strategies that help improve your service and operations efficiency, contact Celtic Freight Ltd. for a logistics management consultation.

The Celtic Freight Ltd. difference:

Established carrier partners for additional transportation resources
Experienced staff who provide personalized service
Specialized reports and hi-tech communications
Fully customized solutions for trans-border and domestic transport

We are committed to continuously developing methods that provide the best security and safety for your inventory during transport. This commitment, combined with advanced technology, has allowed us to become one of Ontario's most reliable transport providers. Call us today for more information.